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It just irritates me when I see others creating their Table of Contents the wrong way or when I remembered that I used to be one of them. We often filled the dots manually and this usually makes the numbers appear not align together due to the uneven width in the fonts.

Not only that, by doing manually, you often face the problem of keep reordering the content title when you reorder the page or change the page number. Such work can result in you overlooking some errors.

Sample of it below:

Table of Contents, please…

In fact, there is a much better way which is efficient yet easy to use…

Just go to the References tab at the office ribbon and click on the Table of Contents. After which, you will see a dialog box appear and you click OK. Finally, you will see the No table of contents entries found.

Table of Contents Step 1

Next, you need to create headings for your information as the Table of Contents populate itself according to the headings in the document. Please note that, the heading should be taken from the template and not your own version, (where you resize, change color and type in your own word). It has to be taken from the pre-defined template, which you can customised for your own document.

Table of Contents Step 2

Finally, click on Update Table and the Table of Contents will be populated.

Table of Contents Step 3

That’s all. Simple and more organised than the traditional method of “key-in-manually”.

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written by mangoorange

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  1. 1. mickeyckm Says:

    Yup, Office 2007 has reorganised their interface to make their functionality more accessible and user friendly. Thanks for your support. I’ll be posting more tips and tricks on Office 2007 in the future. Do check often. 😉

  2. 2. Nice Says:

    Thanks, I don’t know that before.

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