May 01

Stella ArtoisYesterday was my last paper and it was an easy paper because the focus is on E-commerce Technologies. Guess what, I finished half an hour before it ends.

As usual, I went out to chill with my friends, Chun Seong and Jung Kiat, at a Holland Village bar after having dinner. This was my first time drinking beer and it was a mixed feeling. While I enjoyed the atmosphere and the taste of the beer, what I didn’t enjoy was that I have to finish 2 bottles of Stella Artois. It was quite a lot for me to finish. Eventually, I only finished one and the other, I left to my friends. Besides my Stella, I tasted a little of my friends’ Heineken and Erdinger beer.

Overall, it’s a new and interesting experience. Whether I will try it again or not? At least, not so soon. Singapore’s booze is not cheap. S$10 per bottle. My friend who recently came back from France mentioned that it cost ~S$12 to get a dozen. Wow, O.o booze is cheaper than water, over there.

written by mangoorange

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